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Monday, January 31, 2011

Boat Building News

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What do 84% of the Top 100 Dealers have in common? BoatTrader.

In the driver's seat

Chart daily, weekly, monthly goals to make sure cash moves according to plan.

The old adage that “You cannot manage what you do not measure” has been around for a long time. But the fact remains that there are still a number of marine dealers who still do not understand the importance of that statement and therefore do not practice it.

Of course, their numbers are dwindling as the current recession has weeded many of those out. The recession has also been responsible for the majority of the remaining dealers to know and understand the importance of managing their dealerships by practicing state-of-the-art financial management techniques.

Further, the uncertainty as to when the recovery will take place and the shape of that recovery will be the greatest challenge facing the industry for at least the next several years. Profits will be fragile and management will have to diligently manage all aspects of the business in an effort to maintain cash flows that will not jeopardize their future.

To read more, download the Business Intelligence White Paper here.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Boat Building News

Brunswick 4Q loss narrows on revenue boost
Revenue from the marine engine segment rose 17 percent to $353.3 million while revenue in the boating segment rose 7 percent to $163.6 million. ...

Kenya Boats launch an exciting program employing all
These people are then trained in boat building as we hope to build the fishing industry on the coast. The ladies are taught in all aspects of boat building ...

XXL Toys For The Super Rich - Yacht-Building Business In Germany Booms
Free Internet Press Fri, 28 Jan 2011 20:28 PM PST
The seriously rich are living it up in decadent style on luxury yachts. And they particularly value German craftsmanship. Shipyards like Lürssen and Blohm & Voss are backed up by dozens of smaller companies that cater to the billionaires' every whim -- even on-board showers that squirt champagne.

 Full Speed Ahead
Charleston Post Courier
The boating trade is a key component of the Charleston-area economy. Two boat manufacturers, Scout and Sea Fox, are based in Summerville and Moncks Corner ..

Boat Building News

I normally do not comment in my BLOG on news items, or take a political position on them.  But the following item which appeared in Soundings Trade Only requires commenting on, if only to set the record straight. 

NMMA: Coast Guard drops expanded hull ID numbers

At a recent National Boating Safety Advisory Council meeting, the Coast Guard formally announced that it is withdrawing any action on its proposed expanded 17-digit hull identification number, the National Marine Manufacturers Association reported.
The Coast Guard's proposal would have extended the existing HIN number to add additional digits on all recreational boats and created significant, unnecessary expense for boat manufacturers, dealers and lenders, according to the NMMA.
The NMMA had previously challenged the Coast Guard's proposal, filing comments outlining the detriment to the recreational boating industry because of costs involved in overhauling computer systems to adapt to the new HIN and the lack of overall benefits of an extended HIN.
The NMMA also worked closely with the Coast Guard and other groups to craft an alternative that would provide necessary information for field investigators. The result was a partnership with the National Insurance Crime Bureau to have boatbuilders begin providing information to the bureau, similar to what is done for autos, the association said.

Now, as Paul Harvey used to say, here's the rest of the story.
The HIN requirement first became a regulation in the early 1970's as part of the regulations implementing the the Federal Boating Safety Act.  It was not long before the National Association of Marine Investigators (now the International Association of Marine Investigators, IAMI) and the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) began petitioning the Coast Guard to change the 12 character HIN to a 17 Character HIN, (see that they felt would enhance law enforcement's ability to track stolen boats and detect bogus HINs.  They even convinced the American Boat and Yacht Council ( to develop and publish a standard for the 17 character HIN. 

In response to this over more than 25 years the US Coast Guard has made numerous proposals, conducted multiple studies, held public hearings (I held some of them at various places around the country) and published various proposed regulations for this.  The results of these, was a massive amount of public comment opposed to changing the regulation.  The public and the industry has always been opposed to this and the sole supporters of it are NASBLA and IAMI.  If the truth be known, we at the USCG were also opposed to it.  But we were prohibited by law from making our own comments either for or against.  Every year we analyzed the types of violations of the Federal Standards made by boat manufacturers and incorrect HINs always headed the list and usually outnumbered anything else by a factor of three. Our reasoning was, if the manufacturers can't get the 12 digit HIN right, what are they going to do with a 17 digit HIN?  

In this article the press has unfairly branded the US Coast Guard as the bad guy, but the truth is they never wanted it and were only responding to pressure from outside groups. Soundings has done the Coast Guard a disservice by making it look as if this were their idea when all along it was not.

Peter Eikenberry

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boat Building News

World's first $1 billion yacht...
Emirates 24/7
The world's first $1billion-yacht is in the making. A UK yacht design company has designed a yacht which adorns a scale model of the streets of Monaco on ...

Germany. Farr Yacht Design presents BAVARIA's new CRUISER 50 at Dusseldorf
BYM News (press release)
For Farr Yacht Design alone this body of work represents 15000 man hours, or roughly 7.5 man years' worth of design time.

Industrial heartland showing signs of life
What we found was in some ways encouraging: The slimmed-down recreational vehicle industry and boat builders, both mainstays of the local economy,

Marine Industry Awards Website Launch
PitchEngine Tue, 25 Jan 2011 02:56 AM PST
The Marine Industry Awards website went live for the first time on Monday 17th January. The awards, which were launched at the 2011 Tullett Prebon London International Boat Show last week, have been set up in order to acknowledge and recognise excellence within the marine industry. The scheme is supported by the British Marine Federation BMF and all those shortlisted for an award will receive... 

Fairline Targa 58 Gran Turismo Wins “Motor Boat of the Year” Award 2011
Fairline Boats, a leading UK luxury motoryacht manufacturer, has been given the “Motor Boat of the Year” Award 2011 in the 'Sportscruiser Above 45 ft' ..

ROTC instructor builds wood boats in spare time
He had been reconditioning boats for 10 years, as well as doing carpentry work and painting on the side, so the boat-building came naturally. ..

Boat company to consolidate 3 brands in 1 NC plant
The Daily Advance Wed, 26 Jan 2011 02:51 AM PST
RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) â A boat builder is consolidating three brands of fishing and speed boats at a North Carolina plant as the recession-ravaged industry slims down production. 

 Ski boat builder launches new electric boat
Soundings Tue, 25 Jan 2011 16:18 PM PST
Correct Craft Inc., a manufacturer of Nautique boats, is launching a new 100 percent electric boat called the Ski Nautique E. It will be "the industry's first high-performance electric boat," according to a Correct Craft release

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boat Building News

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Forward thinking. Volvo Penta IPS

Capital improvements

With the right approach and the proper presentation, you can maximize the amount of cash available to you.

Your company has a promising future. You've worked hard, made smart choices and navigated through the Great Recession. What you need now is capital. The good news is many lenders are actively seeking new opportunities to put their money to work.

While not everyone seeking financing will get it, there are ways you can increase the likelihood of success. Drawing on experience with thousands of borrowers nationwide, GE Capital set out to answer a central question: What do the smartest borrowers do that make their quest for capital more successful?

Every situation is unique and there are many factors beyond a company's cash flow and credit history that have a big impact on the outcome of a credit application; however, one clear differentiator did emerge: How a company presents itself to a lender is critical. With the following tips, GE Capital's goal is to help all borrowers be smarter and more successful when applying for credit.

To read more, download the Business Intelligence White Paper here.

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Boat Building News

New Banner Both Logos
High School Sailing Team Needs Sails; Symposium Update; Greetings From the New ED
In This Issue
New Executive Director Jake Beattie
Shipwrights' Regatta Next Month
What's Happening in the Trades
Program Boats Get Care in Shop
Symposium Includes Local Businesses
Sailing Team Needs New Sails
Year of the Boat Coming to WBW
A Note From Executive  Director Jake Beattie

Jake Beattie
It's great to be here! I've been in the ED chair for 3 weeks now and as you can imagine I've been busy making the rounds getting to know this organization, our staff, donors, board members, and folks in the community. As a former Port Townsend resident, and as someone who has spent most of my life in and around boats, returning here and to the maritime world has felt like coming home.
With the buildings constructed, the next task is for us to come together and build on the solid base of ongoing events and programs to create the basis for how we will engage the world in maritime pursuits. I couldn't be more excited about the path forward for this organization and I'm thrilled that I get to be a part of shaping what's to come. Please feel welcome to stop by or drop me a line to share your thoughts, passions, and big ideas that you have for the Wooden Boat Foundation and Northwest Maritime Center.   
Fair winds,
Shipwrights' Regatta Takes Place Feb. 26
Now is the time to sign up if you're interested in participating in the Shipwrights' Regatta. Boats of any construction material are welcome. This heartiest of sailing races happens on Saturday, February 26. Get the full scoop including registration materials at the Wooden Boat Foundation website by clicking here.
 PTMTA at the Wooden Boat Festival
Marketing is a top priority of the Port Townsend Marine Trades Association (PTMTA) for 2011 and they're reaching out to their members and partners, including the Northwest Maritime Center & Wooden Boat Foundation in order to grow connections and attract businesses to Port Townsend. At the Wooden Boat Festival last year, having the PTMTA tent just inside the main gate was a great success, and they'll be there again this year.

Plans are underway with PTMTA, the PT Woodworking School and Edensaw Woods to double the number of woodworking demonstrations at the point during Festival. Efforts are underway to showcase any and all PTMTA members on one stage while duplicating and expanding out to other national and regional presenters at the Edensaw Woodworking stage and both the Edensaw and PTWW School tents. For example, nationally recognized woodworking experts Chris Schwarz (editor of Popular Woodworking) and Garrett Hack (contributor to Fine Woodworking) will be at the Woodworking stage, but also at the PTWW School tent.

For all the latest PTMTA news, click here for their newsletter.
Quick Links
Winter Maintenance In the Boatshop

Caveat In the Shop for Winter Maintenance
T-bird Caveat getting some TLC in the shop.
It's that time of year when our program boats come out of the water and into the boatshop for some love and attention. Diane Salguero and a group of volunteers from Gray Wolf Ranch have been working on Thunderbird Caveat. As one of our adult learn-to-sail vessels,
Longboat Bear in the NWMC boatshop
The Sea Scouts take great care of Bear
Caveat works hard all summer and into the fall. She is looking good with fresh varnish.

Meanwhile, the Sea Scouts have been spending lots of time with their favorite longboat, Bear, getting her ready for another season on the water. Not only do the Sea Scouts row and sail Bear as part of their program, but young people from all over Port Townsend, Chimacum, and the Puget Sound region spend time learning valuable lessons on board.  Thanks to everyone for their hard work!

Spring Boating Symposium Partners With Local Restaurants
The Spring Boating Symposium is bringing lots of visitors to Port Townsend and that is good news to local restaurant, lodging and marine trades businesses. About 70% of registrants so far are from outside of Jefferson county (25% from out of state or Canada) and 90% of them are boat owners. The Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC) is partnering with local restaurants to provide diverse lunch and dinner options during the jam-packed educational weekend. Thirty-eight faculty presenters will be assigned to assorted sponsoring restaurants which will entice symposium guests all over downtown. The restaurants will provide specially-priced options during the scheduled lunch and dinner breaks on Saturday of the symposium (3/19) with the hope of not only getting visitors out of the NWMC's buildings and walking around downtown, but trying new places they might not otherwise visit. Sponsoring restaurants include Fins, Silverwater, Galatea, Siren's, T's, Khu Larb Thai, Hanazono, and Salal. 

For more information about the Symposium and to register online, visit the Spring Boating Symposium page on our website.


High School Sailing Team Raising Funds for Sails
High School sailing team on PT Bay
Longtime NWMC & WBF supporters and owners of Schooner Alcyone Sugar Flanagan and Leslie McNish are leading the way in helping the High School Sailing team raise funds to buy new sails. The team is active and growing and depends largely upon the support of volunteers and family members to keep it running each year. Here are some highlights from last season:
    • participated in ten regatttas
    • hosted a regatta at the NWMC; 120 youth sailors in 24 boats
    • first time attending the team racing championships
    • participated in summer youth circuit
Graduates from the team have gone on to sail at the college level or work on board commercial vessels.

The original sets of sails have lasted for six years, including six seasons of the learn-to-sail program and five seasons of high school sailing. These sails are stretched out and beat and need to be replaced--they are still good for learn-to-sail classes, but aren't up to snuff for racing. A new set of sails is $900, and for a donation of at least $450, you can have your name or logo on the sail. Donations of any size are welcome and appreciated.

We are grateful to the following for their contributions so far: The McNish Family, Carlyn Stark, Haven Boatworks, Sugar Flanagan & Leslie McNish, Susan Moffat, PT Shipwrights Co-op, Chris & Kathy Grace, and the Port Townsend Sailing Association. That's a bit over half of the goal of a full set for each Vanguard. If you'd like to help the High School Sailing Team with a donation please call 360.385.3628. Thank you!
Wooden Boat Wednesday to feature Year of the Boat
Year of the Boat Book CoverThe Wooden Boat Chandlery is proud to welcome Lawrence Cheek on February 9 to discuss his book The Year of the Boat: Beauty, Imperfection, and the Art of Doing It Yourself.

What would it be like to build a small wooden boat? What skills are necessary?  How long would it take?  Learn the answers to these questions from someone who took on the challenge and found it to be a life-changing experience. Join us as writer Lawrence Cheek shares his humorous, character-building stories that have grown out of building two sailboats.  His book details the agonies and triumphs of building a 13' sailing dinghy in his garage within a self-imposed deadline of one year. The book will be available for sale during the event. Wooden Boat Wednesdays take place from noon-1:30pm and are free, but require reservations due to limited space. Please call the Chandlery at 360.385.3628 x101 to save your spot.

Make a donation directly to the Program Fund online!
Thank you to our business members.

Get involved.
Become a Member - get great benefits

Have any comments or suggestions for future issues? Please contact editor Janeen Armstrong.

Join Our Mailing List
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boat Building News

2011 Toronto International Boat Show Indicates Upswing in Yacht Sales
Focus on Travel News
"We interviewed many vendors at the show and universally everyone agrees that yacht sales are off the bottom they have been on for the past two years during ...

Musician carves out canoe-making business
Minneapolis Star Tribune
It's also a place where boat builders dream of finding customers who share their visions of what a specific craft should look like, whether it's a ...

Asheville Woodworking School offers boat building class
Mountain Xpress (blog)
Bill Thomas, an experienced instructor from The Wooden Boat School in Maine, is offering a boatbuilding class at Asheville Woodworking School this spring. ...

Yacht Enthusiasts Are the Real Victims of the Recession
New York Magazine Fri, 21 Jan 2011 13:22 PM PST
"In boom times, yacht enthusiasts would order a new dream boat and keep their old one for the two or three years the builder needed to complete the new boat. Then, they would quickly sell the older yacht to impatient new millionaires and billionaires eager for their requisite status symbols.

Remembering legendary boat builder Buddy Davis
Sport Fishing
By Glenn Law Legendary boat builder Carson "Buddy" Davis died Monday, January 16 at age 62. Davis began building boats in boats in 1973, in the now-iconic 

LUND's new fishing boat loads up on features, not price
ChicagoNow (blog)
The culmination of this meticulous boat-building process, the new Impact is already being lauded as perhaps the most fisherman-friendly, feature loaded, ...

Yacht builder's plan gains steam
Bangor Daily News
Who better to start a firestorm of redevelopment than Marlow — a world-renowned luxury yacht manufacturer with a global reputation for doing things well? ..

Boating: More ethanol may mean trouble
The News-Press Sat, 22 Jan 2011 22:36 PM PST
Many power boaters know that gasoline purchased at your neighborhood gas station contains about 10 percent ethanol. 

Tollycraft lovers honor founder, talk about boats
Peninsula Daily
Steve Monrad, who's known among the Tollycraft boating community as its biggest collector of memorabilia, shows Libby Wittmann on Saturday at the Northwest ...

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boat Building News

State's yacht-building business moves into smoother water
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
By Rick Barrett of the Journal Sentinel Business has improved for Wisconsin's yacht builders after they practically shut down in the recession and cut ...

Boat-building traineeships offered at National Waterways Museum, Ellesmere Port
Ellesmere Port Pioneer
BOAT-BUILDING will be revived by a £126000 project at the National Waterways Museum in Ellesmere Port. The museum has launched Keeping History Afloat ...

Former Maine cannery to be turned into shipyard
JB Turner, the former president of Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding Co., tells Maine Public Broadcasting Network he expects the new facility to be a worldwide ...

 Business: North Fork dealers head to New York Boat Show
The Suffolk Times Wed, 19 Jan 2011 10:27 AM PST
Local boat dealers are feeling cautiously optimistic that hard financial times may finally be in their wake. Many are also looking forward to this weekâs New York Boat Show at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan as a way to secure new sales. Bill Lieblein, co-owner of Port of Egypt Marine in Southold, [...]

Build a boat in time for warm weather
Build a boat with the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort in time for warmer weather. The Museum will offer three boatbuilding classes this winter. ...

City and Boat Builder Locked in Showdown
The Log Newspaper
A recent city ordinance was passed to curb long-term construction projects at Newport Beach residences, and Holland could be forced to move his boat off the ..

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boating Building News

Custom Boats to Be Built at Former Stinson Site in Belfast
Turner says he's launching the venture with Taylor Allen, owner of Rockport Marine, Inc., Steve White, owner of Brooklin Boat Yard, and Kenneth Priest, .

At boat show, signs of life in wake of recession
Providence Journal
By Bruce Landis PROVIDENCE — Winding up the Providence Boat Show, marine business exhibitors expressed cautious optimism Sunday that the recession may be

Hatteras and Cabo executive to focus on growth
New Bern Sun Journal
It has a different cost-base because of the consolidation of the Hatteras and Cabo yacht brands at the New Bern facility, factory efficiencies and internal ...

 Best Boat: Aquariva by Gucci, for Riva
News splash: the Italian boat-building brand is still making waves. Riva has crewed up with another luxury giant to create the Aquariva by Gucci.

Fire ravages marina building
Plattsburgh Press Republican
ROUSES POINT — Fire destroyed a large boat-repair building at the Marina at Lighthouse Point overnight Sunday. Firefighters from eight volunteer ...

Manitowoc's Burger Boat Co. to work on USS Cobia
Herald Times Reporter
MANITOWOC — The Wisconsin Maritime Museum has contracted with Burger Boat Co. to perform above-the-waterline work on the USS Cobia, a World War II ...

Former Maine cannery to be turned into shipyard
Boston Globe Tue, 18 Jan 2011 07:49 AM PST
A former sardine cannery in Belfast has been sold and will be turned into a boat-building facility under a plan put forth by a group of marine industry veterans.

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Boating Industry - Best Practices
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GE. For all your financing needs. Imagination at work.

Why and how you should monitor the business metrics around you.

Frequently, when faced with downturns in revenues, many business executives start looking for ways to cut operating costs. Market research and/or business intelligence gathering activities are often among the first areas cut. However, most marketing professionals would agree that this is the wrong tactic to take. In fact, marketers advise taking the opposite strategy, and investing in research so that the company will be ahead of the game when the economy turns around and the industry starts to grow.

Thus, the question becomes, "What should be invested?" In most cases, it is more about spending time rather than dollars. There are several good, low-cost metrics available on the Internet, and they can be used in conjunction with company sales data to track the company's performance relative to the recreational marine industry. Dealers may also look to their manufacturers to assist in their business intelligence gathering activities.

To read more, download the Business Intelligence White Paper here.

GE - For all your financing needs. Imagination at work. What do 84% of the Top 100 Dealers have in common? BoatTrader.
Global Marine Insurance Agency - Just boats. Just better.

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