ABYC Education Logo ABYC Webinar: "ABYC Basic Electrical" Three Part Series
Location: Online at your desk or in your shop!
Registration Fees: ABYC Member $79.00 per Webinar  Non-member$129.00  Register for all three (register directly with ABYC 419-990-4460 to receive a discount)!
The three, 90 minute, sessions are designed to provide the participant with a clear understanding of the intricacy and complexity of doing safe marine electrical work using the most current ABYC Standards.  The instructor for the three Webinars will be Kevin Ritz. Kevin is an ABYC Master Technician, a marine electrical consultant, and ABYC’s Pacific Coast Representative. His marine electrical courses for ABYC have been well received.
The set of the three Webinars will provide the beginning marine electrical technician the background necessary to enter the field with a correct framework for providing Standards based work, and to stimulate planning for future course work and ABYC Certification. Taken individually, the Webinars will provide a focus upon marine electrical topics that the technician wants clarification on, or renewed exposure too.
Enrollment in an individual Webinar (2 or 3) assumes that the participant has good background knowledge in the electrical topics discussed in the preceding Webinars.  These Webinars do not replace the ABYC, three day, hands-on, Basic Marine Electrical course. Rather, they provide an excellent introduction to it.
Basic Electrical Part 1, Wednesday, February 15, 2012 Noon EST   Register Online!  
Part One:     •What is electricity? 
     •Electrical circuit types, and their advantages and disadvantages
     •Ohm’s law
     •Power equation and its uses
     •Voltage drop and why do I care? 
     •Working with and drawing your own wiring diagrams
     •Common electrical symbols
     •Component identification
     •Wire identification and the ABYC color code
     •Selecting and using multi meters
     •The how to of measuring voltage, amperage, resistance, and continuity
Basic Electrical Part 2, Wednesday, February 29, 2012 Noon EST   Register Online!
Part Two:     •How to properly select and size your wire.
     •Wire insulation 
     •Overcurrent protection devices (fuses and breakers)
     •Wire routing of support
     •Ignition Protection
     •Testing fuses and circuit breakers
     •Properly locating circuit breakers
Basic Electrical Part 3, Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Noon EST   Register Online!
Part Three:     •Batteries & how they work
     •Types of lead-acid Batteries
     •Battery Safety
     •Battery Maintenance
     •Installation Recommendations 
     •Testing Batteries
     •Alternator basics
     •Shore power battery chargers and installations
     •Solar Panels
     •Installing DC Accessories
     •Alternating Current and AC system 
     •AC systems on your boat
     •AC Safety
     •Color coding for AC wiring
     •Basic AC outlet connections
     •GFCI’s and how they work
     •Testing AC Circuits
     •Inverter Basics
     •AC Generators
     •Galvanic Isolators 
     •Installing DC accessories
     •Alternating current and shoreline connection
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You may register online or call ABYC to register for the Webinars and or purchase the book (this offer is not available on the ABYC website).  Please call 410-990-4460