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Monday, April 16, 2012

Boat Building News

Boatbuilding industry sinking
Trinidad Guardian
The boatbuilders said they have no objections to the importations but complained that T&T's boatbuilding industry has declined significantly because of the foreign vessels. Had government imposed VAT and duties, they said, it would have been impossible ...

 Fairhaven's industrial history tied to shipbuilding
Yacht building however, did continue on into the early and middle 20th century with local shipwrights such as David N. Kelly shifting from commercial fishing or whaling to yacht building and repair. Today, Kelly's shipyard stands as "the only .

Don't sacrifice our maritime economy to poor transportation policy
The Seattle Times
These are big, expensive boats. Building them will create hundreds of high-paying jobs, but many of those jobs will not be here unless local government follows policies that accommodate this industry. New construction already has started.

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