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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Boat Building News

American Boat and Yacht Council
ABYC President
John Adey's

Adey's Testimony 
It's easy to send us your testimony!

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 Don't Delay!
Share your testimony with us today!

Thank you for your member loyalty to the American Boat and Yacht Council.

You know that we are THE resource on marine safety standards and we want everyone else to know it too!

We are asking for you to please send us a short, 30-second or less, video on "WHAT DOES SETTING STANDARDS FOR SAFER BOATING MEAN TO YOU?"

We want your honest testimony, to hear it in your own words, and please mention your name and our name somewhere in your testimony. If video is just not your thing, please send 3-5 sentences on "WHAT DOES SETTING STANDARDS FOR SAFER BOATING MEAN TO YOU?" to

All testimonies will be saved and could be used in the future. The best of the best will be shared on our website, Facebook, and in upcoming editions of our quarterly magazine Reference Point.  

The deadline is July 25!
The first ten people to submit a video will win an ABYC shirt.

For questions or upload troubleshooting, please contact Nina Ullrich,, 410-990-4460 x105.
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