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Friday, September 7, 2012

Boat Building News

ABYC Education Logo     ABYC Corrosion Certification Pt. Richmond, California  (4 Seats Remaining!)
MC400 - Marine Corrosion Certification, Pt. Richmond, California Register Online!
Date: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - Friday, September 21, 2012
Time: 8:30 AM
Location: Keefe Kaplan Maritime, Inc.
KKMI, 530 West Cutting Blvd. Richmond, California 94804

Notes:  Our four day Corrosion Certification course with instructor Kevin Ritz, covers all aspects of marine corrosion. The course starts off with general corrosion theory and goes on to include: identifying types of corrosion, properties of marine building materials, corrosion control methods & applications, sacrificial cathode protection systems and impressed current systems, protective coatings and methodology and performing a corrosion survey. The price of the course includes the ABYC Marine Corrosion Study Guide and that will be shipped to you when you register. The price of the class also includes The Boatowners Guide to Corrosion by Everett Collier. That textbook will be shipped to the meeting place and will be available to you in class. This class concludes with a 200 question certification exam.
Please be sure to bring your copy of the ABYC Corrosion Certification Study Guide with you or call our office to make sure you have a copy prior to class.
Unlike the Electrical Certification study guide, the relevant ABYC Standards are not specifically called out within the study guide. Therefore, like the Electrical Certification, you may use a laptop computer, mobile phone, calculator or printed ABYC Standards manual if you have one available. Otherwise, please inform the contact person at ABYC headquarters that you need the ABYC Corrosion Certification standards supplement manual. This abbreviated hard copy of the current ABYC Standards relevant to this certification will be sent to you at the time of registration. You are totally responsible for making sure you bring this with you to class. Your instructor WILL NOT have extra copies available.
As with all of our certification programs, you must bring a #2 lead pencil to class for use during the exam. Anyone caught texting or engaging in any sort of photography during the exam will be immediately ejected from the class. Candidates removed from class for any ethical violation will not be refunded tuition or test fees.
Relevant ABYC Standards associated with the corrosion certification include: A-28, A-31, E-2, E-10, E-11, T-1, TA-27 and TE-30 (Note: ABYC recommends achieving ABYC Electrical Certification prior to attending this program.)
Registration Fees: ABYC Member $885.00 (all USCG, US Navy and NOAA register at the ABYC Member rate)   Non-Member $1,170.00
Contact Info: Sandy Brown  Email:  Phone: 410-990-4460 X-101
MI-200 WEBINAR - Troubleshooting Dock Wiring and Finding AC Ground Faults Register Online!
Date: Thursday, September 20, 2012  Time: 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Eastern
Location: At the Office or in your Home. On your PC or MAC.

Notes: Webinar Presenter: Ed Sherman
As a follow-up to our popular August webinar series covering in-water shock hazards and the issues from a marina perspective this session will show you the tools needed and how to use them to make sure your docks wiring is in order and how to find AC ground faults on boats plugged into shore power. 
Ed will provide a complete step-by-step demonstration showing how to use the Ideal Sure Test to determine if a dock power pedestal is wired correctly and what the meter readings might imply about the entire dock wiring system. 
Next, Ed will demonstrate the method used to check for AC ground fault leakage and show you how to isolate the problem. 
The tips provided by this webinar will arm you with the tools needed to ensure electrical safety on and around docks. 
The video, step-by-step photo sequences and Eds clear explanations will take all the mystery out of this very important safety enhancing process. 
Registration Fees: ABYC Member $89.95       Non-Member $125.00
Contact Info: Sandy Brown  Email:  Phone: 410-990-4460 X-101
Please check the ABYC Education Calendar for updates to find a course in your area. 

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