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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

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February 27, 2013

Managing Emergencies on the Water
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 
12 NOON * FREE * Maritime Meeting Room (Above the Chandlery)

Medical care on deck 
Erik Wennstrom and Jordan Pollack will discuss common onboard maritime emergencies and how to mitigate hazards, along with training and equipment recommendations. Wennstrom brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with open-water preparedness, fire and medical incident management, and on-water rescue. Sharing stories and skills, the two will entice the audience to enhance their own preparedness through training and proper equipment onboard their own vessels. 

Erik Wennstrom is a Vessel Assist Captain and salvage diver, Wennstrom holds a USCG Master's license and is a certified IFSAC fire and rescue instructor. He's been an EMT for over 30 years, and has handled emergency calls and technical rescues in a huge variety of marine and extreme remote environments. He coaches students learning marine rescue skills for Salish Rescue, an all-volunteer marine search and rescue response team located in Port Townsend.

Jordan Pollack is a 30+ year veteran of the fire service serves as Fire Chief for a remote mountain community in Oregon and manages a fire-EMS training and consulting business. A fire service instructor since 1983, he continues to instruct structural and wildland firefighting, emergency medical, and incident management courses. In his spare time he coordinates two major development programs for the fire service in the states of Sinaloa and Nayarit, Mexico for the humanitarian group Firefighters Crossing Borders.
boat fire
Boat fire Port Townsend Bay, August 2, 2010
Wooden Boat Wednesdays are FREE
but space is limited, so please reserve your spot.  These events are held upstairs in the Maritime Meeting room, above the Chandlery.   

A Comprehensive Guide to Marine Medicine, by MD's Eric Weiss & Michael Jacobs will be available for purchase.  This is a pocket size, maritime first aid book recommended for all boaters to carry. 

 Please click here to reserve your spot viaemail  or call the Chandlery at the number below.

Don't forget the Spring Boating Symposium is March 15-17.  To find out more about the speakers or to register to attend, click here. 

Hope to see you! 
Molly Klupfell, Chandlery Manager 
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