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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Boat Building News

In Memorium:

Rick Gipe  (D. R. Gipe)  passed Sunday June 23, 2013.
Rick was a long time employee of the U. S. Coast Guard as an engineer. He began working in the Office of Boating Safety in 1995 after having worked in Naval Engineering for many years. He replaced Peter Ball, a Naval Architect , who had been one of the founders of the Coast Guard's Boating Safety program. It was a tough act to follow but he did it superbly. 

He was very dedicated to the safety of the boating public. He worked diligently with boat manufacturers, state boating law enforcement, the American Boat And Yacht Council, and many other groups to insure that boats were built to the highest safety standards. His influence on the safety of recreational boaters is immeasurable.  He was one of those people who worked quietly in the background without a lot of acclaim or recognition but had a huge influence on safety. He was a very friendly and likeable person and had a vast circle of friends in all of the boating community, who he kept in touch with even after retiring through his e-mail "A" list.  He was an extremely intelligent person, and contributed some significant improvements to the program.

He was also a very good friend to me and my family, with a quick wit, a good story or joke, and was always upbeat and encouraging.  He was a good family man who loved his wife and children immensely. He always showed others pictures of his family and especially his grand daughter whom he was very proud of.  He loved to cook, and he loved golf.   Rick will be very very sorely missed by me and many other people.  The boating world owes him a great debt of gratitude for the much higher quality and safety in the boats manfactured today, not just in the USA, but around the world. 

Thank you Rick, May you rest in peace.  I expect to find you on heaven's golf course.


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