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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Boat Building News

Families rekindle art of boat building
Cape Gazette
The Lewes Historical Society rekindles the art of boat building each year during its Family Boat Building Weekend. This year, eight teams worked with the aid of society volunteers the weekend of June 14-16 to build shallow-draft wooden boats called ...

Old age and treachery keeping Eric afloat
Victoria News
Eric Jespersen and his boat building crew out at Canoe Cove Marina are putting the finishing touches on a restoration project that has taken two years to complete. Working for a client out of Australia, Jespersen Wooden Boat Builders has completely

 Students' Robotic Solar Boat On Transatlantic Trek
It was an audacious undertaking, an engineer-nerd project nonpareil, a bunch of college students building a robotic solar-powered boat and setting it off on a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. And amazingly, after a few delays, it's on its way. The

 The magic of Broads way
Yorkshire Post
Broads Haven boat building and mooring facilities have been here since Herbert Woods took over the family boat building business in 1926. Their cruisers are built on site to the highest specification, combining craftsmanship with the latest technology ...

This Old Boat
The Virginian-Pilot
He is not a mechanical engineer, but he knows about building things. And he loves ... There are varying opinions about what makes a boat a deadrise, but they all center around the shape of the hull as it rises from either side of the keel to the side ...

Water retreat
Times-Mail (subscription)
According to a recent U.S. Boating and Statistical Abstract from the National Marine Manufacturers Association, the annual economic value of recreational boating in the United States is $121 billion. The report further outlines that the industry not

 Wooden Boat Festival offers fun, racing and life lessons
The Seattle Times
Visitors to Lake Union this weekend can hear pirate tales, practice knot tying or study how to navigate by the stars at this year's Wooden Boat Festival. Boat owners have moored at the docks behind the Center for Wooden Boats and invited the public ..

  The boat-makers of Beypore
The Hindu
The art of Uru making in Beypore, on the northern coast of Kerala, is as old as the beginnings of India's maritime trade with Mesopotamia. Arguably the biggest handicraft in the world, the Uru, as the wooden dhow is called, connects this sleepy town on

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