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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

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Problems with

As many of you may know these blogs, Boating Safety and Boat Building News, are companions to my website for boat builders.  For about six months I have been having a problem with the web site which has caused a huge fall off in the numbers of people using the site.  Visits dropped from an average of about 9000 a month to less than 4000. Unfortunately it took me a long time to recognize the problem and then fix it.  I have fixed the root cause, but some users may still have the problem.

There was a link on every page of my website that was redirecting anyone who opened that page, to another website.  The website they were redirected to is not malicious or destructive and does not contain viruses (as far as I know) and will not cause you computer to crash, or to load hidden bots or malicious software.  it is just annoying because when ever you load any page on it automatically redirects you to the other site. 

I have removed this link from my entire website!  However, users must also purge the url from the history files on their computers or it will still do this.

The site is  The easiest way to do this is open you r browser and empty the history cache.  On Internet explorer this is done by selecting tools from the menu then Internet Options and General. scroll down to browsing history and select delete.

On Chrome in the upper right corner is a box with three lines in it.  Left click on the box, select history and clear browsing data.

In Firefox select tools, Options, Privacy.  About two thirds of the way down the dialogue box it will say "You may want to clear your recent history or remove individual cookies. Click on the appropriate link.

Other browsers have similar processes for deleting history.

If you do not want to delete the entire history on your browser each browser provides a way you can search on a specific item so you can delete it.  Do a search on the history for "webring"

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