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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boat Building News

Al Marakeb Announces 100 Percent Increase in Boat Sales for First Quarter 2014
UAE boat builder Al Marakeb has announced a 100 percent increase in its sales figures for the first quarter of this year over the same period for 2013.
Boat-builders banking on pent-up demand; Chis Christie gets his salt
But instead of shipping the boats to Sabre for completion, which would be difficult given their size, North End plans to use Journey's End Marine on the ...
  Boat builder Al Marakeb records 50% first quarter sales spike
Dubai: Sharjah-based boat builder Al Marakeb announced a 50 per cent increase in its sales figures for the first quarter of this year compared to the ...
Brunswick announces partnership with Boatbound This Brunswick and Boatbound partnership is based on the common belief that the peer-to-peer boat rental model encourages boating participation .

Wisconsin Maritime Museum hosts history programs A view of the Racine harbor in 1878. Racine boat-building history will be the topic of a Saturday Learning Series program at the Maritime Museum in ..
  At the Helm: Would your boat pass inspection? If asked if your boat would pass inspection you would probably be thinking ... In all fairness to the recreational boat building industry, there are some ..
I posted the above out of concern for a free exchange of opinions and ideas .  However I strongly disagree with the author opinions. 
"Unfortunately, on the day of the inspection I was very disappointed, because all that jerk checked was if the hull identification number was properly placed on the hull; the Coast Guard Maximum Capacities Placard was the correct size and style, and that my manufacturing log book of whom boats were sold to was up to date. He never checked, nor wanted to inspect anything else!"
Having worked closely with the US Coast Guard program for factory visits I strongly disagree. In the first place they are not inspections.  They are factory visits.  The entire purpose is to help the manufacturer comply.  The civilian contract employees have no enforcement authority whatsoever and  they are not marine surveyors. . They can only report to the Coast Guard what they find. Also they can only look at those things that are required by some Federal regulation, If the boat is only required by law to have a Hull Identification number then that is all they are allowed to look for. If the boat has to meet fuel system or electrical systems then they look at those things and only the things required by law.  They are not allowed to look for things that are not covered by a law, such as hull construction. Calling the contractor a jerk is beyond rude, it is just plain insulting, and he is dead wrong about the Coast Guard testing for flotation and capacity. I used to run the program. Boats are purchased or volunteered by a manufacturer to be tested.  But the Coast Guard does not waste taxpayer money on boats they know will pass. They look for boats that may fail. This does not include, of course, new models volunteered for testing by a manufacturer.  The whole point is get boats corrected before they are sold to the public. or to find boats being sold that need to be corrected. 
Boat that are over 20 feet in length are not required to meet flotation or capacity and so are not tested. If his boats are not required to have it but he does it anyway, Bravo, I applaud his good sense.  But damning the Coast Guard for it is insulting.  If he thinks the standards are too lax then he should contact his Senator or Representative and get the law changed. 
Belfast boat builder expands business to Bucksport
He said the firm moved into a 15,000 square-foot building formerly occupied by Union River Boat Co., which was sunk in 2012 by the poor economy.

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