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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boat Building News

Will Tacoma's boatbuilding legacy last a century?
In 1917, Joe M. Martinac joined with my grandfather, Martin A. Petrich, in founding Western Boat Building Co. At year's end, Martinac left as they were ...
SDGF&P Conservation Officers Stress Boating Safety
Schmahl says boating handbooks are helpful and inform boaters of rules and requirements. He says Conservation Officers take boating safety very ...
  The boatbuilding history of the Pardy's
Students across the province once again prepared projects for the annual Heritage Fair. It is rather unique. In most provinces the subject of history is ...
  Report: UK Marine Industry has £6.2b Impact
Many marine companies reported good sales at our two last boat shows – PSP Southampton in September and London in January - and it is very ...
Boat building class @ Cape Cod Maritime Museum
Students will learn from the experienced boat builders how to build a Bevins Skiff in this eight week course. Instructors provide historic and traditional ...
  Honouring the tradition of wooden boats
"The desire to build a boat is the desire of youth, unwilling yet to accept the idea of a final resting-place. It is for that reason, perhaps, that, when it ...
New builder of National Squib
... Rondar Race Boats, the NSOA are choosing a reputable builder with a proven pedigree of building high quality boats to strong level of consistency.”.
  The next big thing in boats is small, and getting smaller Port Townsend is at the epicenter of a global downsizing trend in boats, leading the way with smaller-boat designs, boatbuilding workshops,

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