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Friday, January 2, 2015

Boat Building News

Yacht painter suing after claiming he was left vomiting, bleeding from the eyes and unconscious ...
'Senses Georgetown', as it's been dubbed, features a helipad, gym, multi-level sun decks, ten luxurious suites, a crew of 14 and interior design by ...
  Boatbuilding talk
A TALK on boatbuilding in Fowey will be given by Marcus Lewis at the town's Mission to Seafarers from 7.30pm on the evening of Tuesday, January ...
Boat, travel trailer sales increase sharply
Tuesday, the National Marine Manufacturers Association said recreational boat sales were up as much as 7 percent this year compared with 2013.
Minnesota to lead national summit on boat design Before the registration deadline Jan. 5, nearly 100 boat manufacturers, conservation leaders, biologists and marina operators from across the country

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