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Friday, March 13, 2015

Boat Building News

Harmonizing standards for recreational boats between the US and Canada. 

There has been and ongoing effort to harmonize standards for boats made in the US and Canada using ABYC standards ( ABYC ) as a basis.  NMMA made the following release in 2014. 

“NMMA has worked with officials at Transport Canada over the past few years on the alignment of boat construction standards between Canada and the U.S., making it easier for marine businesses to sell product in North America,” said Sara Anghel, executive director/vice-president government relations, NMMA Canada. “I am pleased that the federal government has acknowledged the importance of this to the recreational boating industry and has built a plan to move forward.”

ABYC published an article concerning this in their Winter 2015 edition of The Reference Point, outlining the efforts being made.  The US Coast Guard has long had a Mutual Recognition Agreement with Transport Canada to recognize both nation's standards.  This means that boats meeting ABYC standards also comply with Canadian standards as well as US standards.  Canadian standards are found in TP1332

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