Boating Safety Is For Life

Monday, November 2, 2015

Boat Building News

Tour-boat safety regulations must be reviewed: marine engineering expert
... should trigger a review of Canadian marine safety regulations governing the stability of tour ships, says an expert on naval architecture and marine .

Tragedy Raises Questions Over Whale Watching Boat Safety
The bow of the Leviathan II, a whale-watching boat that capsized on ... There's a bottom-line business interest in maintaining safety standards,” he said ...
  Business principles 101: Don't compete against yourself
Several small boat manufacturers have models for every foot of length, from 14 ... Before the retail store adds a manufacturer's product line to the list of ...
R1.4bn tender awarded for boat industry Cape Town - Boat building was a developing sector in the ocean economy that could support the objectives of industrial growth, especially with a R1.4 ..

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