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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Boat Building News


(CNN) Today there's hardly a postcard of southern Thailand's Andaman coast that doesn't feature a long-tail boat -- or "rua hang yao" in Thai. They're .

Oxfordshire-based Williams Performance Tenders in the UK is has announced it will once again be giving local students the chance to take part in its ..

Boat builder plans expansion to Brunswick Landing. Citing a need to grow, Washburn & Doughty wants to move part of its steel boat-building ...
“It's always been important to John and I that we help to nurture and invest in the boat builders, designers and engineers of our future,” sales director ...
The design comes from a line of boats made by Swampscott, Massachusetts, boatbuilder George Chaisson, who began building this style of boat at .
  Commercial aluminium boat builder White Pointer Boats was awarded an international tender to build a new patrol vessel for Tasman District Council

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