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Friday, August 12, 2016

Boat Building News

Bennett has been building boats since 1987, but his skills were honed at a young age. A highly technical skill, he began welding at a young age after ...
Custom mahogany boat maker Hacker Boat Co. still plans to expand in ... land it initially bought to build a 90,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.
  A $64 million boat-building contract that would have created 200 jobs at the Henderson shipyards has been sunk because of a lack of State 

13, the festival offers plenty of classic vessels to view and the Sikaflex Challenge boat building competition, as it always has. New this year is ArtMart, .
  That's when manufacturing advancements drastically changed boat building. Out went wood. In came fiberglass, which builders could easily mold into .
11, 2016) - On July 27, 2016, aluminum boat manufacturer Lowe Boats reached 2,000,000 hours without a single lost time accident. The core team of ..
A three-time member of Canada's Olympic team, P.E.I.- born Gord Henry has turned his rowing experience into a successful business — a company .

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