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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Boat Building News

Over the last 24 months, a number of yacht design courses have been dissolved or transformed into bachelors with a much broader subject matter, ..

With more than 16 years of boat and yacht design experience, LaFond explains that he knows what it takes to make a sturdy yet light vessel. Within his ...
HAMMONDSPORT - The Finger Lakes Boating Museum, which features more than 160 boats built in the Finger Lakes over the past century, expects .
By running on electric energy, the boat cuts CO2 emissions by 70 percent ... The team will share results with the boat manufacturer Cantieri Amadi in .
. Passionate Southlanders are building vessels to float the dreams of American boaties. Boat design and manufacturing company Stabicraft has .
The Carter Craft Boat Company operated in Parker in the late 1950s. Hundred of the classic wooden boats were built there, and they retained their ...

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