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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Boat Building News

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Welcome to ABYC's Technical Newsletter!
As an ABYC Member, you have free access to our Technical Department in supporting your standards questions and global product compliance. This newsletter will be sent out once per quarter as an additional technical resource for your business. Contact Craig Scholten, Brian GoodwinDave Broadbent or Lynn Lipsey with any questions and take advantage of your valuable member benefits! 
ISO Standards on the ABYC Online Library
ABYC members can now access the latest ISO small craft standards on the ABYC Online Library.  Easy, online access provides you with the current harmonized ISO standards that, in addition to ABYC standards, help support compliance to the RCD (Recreational Craft Directive) and CE certification for your international products.  The Library has search and print features to assist you, plus additional compliance documents to guide you in the process.  Technical support on the application of ISO standards and compliance requirements is also included. 
ABYC is pleased to offer an introductory discounted rate for members of $349 until Friday, November 3, 2017. After that date, the regular member price will be $399. Members can purchase access to the ISO standards at our online store or please contact ABYC for more information. 
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Correction to H-31
The 2015 version of H-31, Seat Structures was corrected in July 2017 with the publication of the 57th supplement of Standards and Technical Information Reports for Small Craft. 

The correction goes into effect immediately. The significant change in the standard was to correct the drop height for the dynamic seat test in section 
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Standards Review Time!
It is the time of year when ABYC begins the cyclical process of standards review.

We update each standard every 5 years to keep the process consistent. This starts with a call for comments period, which begins in the Fall and is open to anyone who is interested in participating in the review process.Comments from this review are addressed at our Standards Week in January. It is an ambitious year with some heavy hitters up for review. On the Electrical side, E-11 and E-2 will be open for comment, while the Fuel and Ventilation PTC will have H-2 and H-32 open for comment.

If you are interested in participating in the review of any of our standards, please click here and sign up to be on the mail list for the appropriate PTC.
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Friction Connectors
One question we continue to be asked more and more is whether certain spring loaded friction connectors are ABYC compliant. Members were seeing these used on boats coming in from Europe, and it only caused more questions and confusion. Our own Ed Sherman wrote an article last year discussing their application in the field and whether they should or could be ABYC compliant. 
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Get to Know the Technical Department
Craig Scholten, Technical VP
Contact Craig regarding the following:
 -  Clarification of standards (application, testing, documenting)
 -  ISO standards (application, testing, development)
 -  Global product compliance
 -  Boat builder compliance and certification
Brian Goodwin, Technical Director
Contact Brian regarding the following:
 -  Hull Division (Fuel & Ventilation Systems, Hull & Deck Structures,   
    Hull Performance, Hull Piping, Reinforced Plastics)
 -  Control Systems
 -  Product Interface standards 
 -  Aquatic Invasive Species standard
David Broadbent, Technical Specialist
Contact Dave regarding the following:
 -  Electrical
 -  Electrical Component
 -  Boat Service
 -  Engine and Powertrain
 -  Equipment (Navigation Lights and Sound Signal Appliances,
Thermal Appliance, Fire Fighting and Detection Systems)
Lynn Lipsey, Technical Coordinator
Contact Lynn regarding the following: 
- EZ-PTC questions
- Project Technical Committee (PTC) membership and mail lists 
- Standards Week
The American Boat & Yacht Council (ABYC)
Phone: 410-990-4460  |

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